Welcome to the Hutchison Ports (UK) Ltd Resource Link System Web Portal.
To enter your records you require your 5 digit employee number (2/3&4 digit numbers should be prefixed by zeros) and a password. You will then be prompted to answer a number of security questions. Care should be taken when entering both your password and security questions as they are case sensitive.

Data Protection & Security
You are reminded that the Resource Link System contains your personal data as defined within Data Protection Legislation. Use of this system is limited to authorised users only. Please do not disclose details of your data or login credentials.

New Users
Before you may use this system you must register your valid email address with the Payroll Department. Once this has been registered on the system you will be able to login using your employee number and the "forgotten password" button. A first time login password will then be emailed to you with instructions on how to proceed.